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We are your strategic partner in international labor services. Expand your team, organize your growth, and ensure legal compliance with our expert labor law advisory.

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Labor Specialization

We focus on labor law for international companies, ensuring compliance with Spanish laws and international agreements.

Legal Compliance

We guarantee that your company follows labor regulations, including working hours, minimum wages, and working conditions.

Employee Mobility

We facilitate the mobility of your employees, managing visas, work permits, and social security requirements.

Conflict Resolution

We offer guidance and representation in cases of dismissals, wage claims, inspections, and other labor disputes.

Our Featured Services

Payroll Management

We process and manage your payroll to ensure accurate calculation of salaries and benefits.

Digital Nomads

We facilitate the establishment of remote employees, ensuring full regulatory compliance in our country.

Recruitment Advice

We assist in the hiring of local and foreign employees, ensuring compliance with Spanish labor laws and international agreements.

Dispute Resolution

We provide guidance and legal representation in labor disputes.

Legal Compliance

We verify that your company complies with Spanish labor laws in crucial aspects.

Expatriation and Impatriation

We offer guidance on legal and tax aspects for the internationalization of employees.

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Related Services

Visas and Work Permits

We advise on the visas and permits required to transfer foreign employees to Spain.

Set up companies in Spain

We assist in the creation or registration of companies in Spain.

Contractual Conditions

We assist in creating international employment contracts.

Tax Compliance

We ensure tax compliance for expatriate employees.

Social Security and Benefits

We register employees in the Spanish social security system and provide guidance on benefits.

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