Gobal Mobility

We transform relocation and the attraction of international talent into solid opportunities. Our team of immigration experts simplifies your process to help you achieve your goals in Spain and Europe.

Why choose us?

International Mobility Experience

We understand the challenges and requirements for obtaining residency and citizenship in Spain.

Guiding Your Journey

Whether you're expanding your business, embarking on innovative projects, or seeking educational opportunities, we design personalized mobility strategies.

Golden Visa Experts

We guide you through obtaining the Golden Visa, enabling residency through investment in Spain.

Our Featured Services

Golden Visa

Invest in Spain and obtain residency for you and your family.

Digital nomads and remote employees

We help you navigate this new migration, labor and tax paradigm.

Startup Visa / Entrepreneur Visa

Advice on entrepreneurial projects to develop your innovative business without complications.

Student Mobility Regime

Study visas, extensions, job search residencies and more.

Residence and Work Authorizations

We facilitate the hiring of workers for your companies.

Special permits

New challenges, new opportunities, tell us about it!

Residences for artists and professional athletes

We process your visas and residences so that you can develop your professional activity without limits.

Europeans and their Family Members

We simplify the procedures for European citizens and their family members.

Make a move!

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Related Services

Special Tax Regime

Advisory on the Beckham Special Fiscal Regime.

Set up Company

We assist in setting up companies and establishing non-resident businesses.

Tax Planning

Optimization of your tax structure.

Expatriates and Remote employees

Labor advisory for hiring.

Payroll Management

We process and manage your payroll to ensure accurate calculation of salaries and benefits.

Don't let immigration matters hinder your goals. Contact us today to start your journey towards new opportunities in Spain and Europe!