Comercial Consulting

We are your local partner for establishing and expanding your commercial presence in Spain and Europe.  

Why choose us?

Global Experience

We have professionals supported by an international network, ready to provide agile and effective solutions.

Coordinated Strategies

We design domestic and international business structures as part of a global strategy to ensure sustainable success.

Comprehensive Advice

From company incorporation to mergers and acquisitions, our robust approach guides you towards your goals.

Our Featured Services

Set up companies

We advise you in the creation and structuring of national and international companies, even across different jurisdictions.

Startup Support

We provide specialized legal guidance for startups, smoothing the path for their growth. Investment rounds, consolidation and expansion.

International Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise on acquisition, merger, and restructuring processes in diverse countries, in line with commercial regulations.

Franchise Law

Expanding through franchises becomes simpler with our expert advice on regulatory compliance.

International Contracts

We draft and review cross-border contracts, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting your interests.

International Commercial Due Diligence

We conduct thorough analyses prior to international transactions, ensuring accurate assessments.

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Related Services

Business Structure Optimization and Restructuring

Enhance your tax and operational efficiency, transactions, mergers and acquisitions, even in cases of restructuring.

Payroll Management

We process and manage your payroll to ensure accurate calculation of salaries and benefits.

Recruitment Advice

We assist in the hiring of local and foreign employees, ensuring compliance with Spanish labor laws and international agreements.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We maintain a detailed record of financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Residence and Work Authorizations

We facilitate the hiring of workers for your companies.

Golden Visa

Invest in Spain and obtain residency for you and your family.

Don't navigate alone in the world of international business. Contact us today to start your journey towards business success in Spain and Europe!